Get the Best Results for your Deck Using Trex Composite Decking Boards

composite decking boardsWith any home project, your options are limitless. Choosing your tools, help, and materials can be a bit overwhelming. How can you be sure you’re making the best choice?

Fear not! Carefree Decks and Patio Covers is about to make it much easier to choose the best boards for your new deck.

Trex composite decking boards are your best choice for your deck project for several reasons, which we’ve listed below. Check them out:

Why Composite Decking Boards Are Better

When building a deck, always use composite boards. Composite boards are better than wood boards, hands down. Here’s why.

No Bleach, No Power Washing, NO MOLD!

If you’ve ever owned a wood deck for more than a year, you’ve probably had to deal with one of two problems: a moldy deck or a detailed, yearly cleaning. Normal wood decks require bleaching and/or power washing at least once a year to prevent mold.

Composite decks require much less maintenance. For the most part, you clean it by spraying it with a hose once in a while and cleaning up food right away with soapy water. You still can pressure wash it if you wish, with a pressure of 3100 psi or less.

No Staining or Finishing

When building a wood deck, you’ll have to stain the wood unless you pay extra for wood that is already stained. After installing a wood deck, you must apply a weather sealant to protect from the elements and then reapply as needed.

Or you can get composite boards and never have to do any of that. Buy them in whatever color you want them to be and you’re done. No staining, no finishing, no painting, no reapplying ever.

No Stains

With composite boards, you also don’t have to worry about the other kind of stains. That is, grease stains, spaghetti stains, wine stains and other common stains are not a concern with composite boards. As long as you clean them up right away with soap and water, your composite deck will always look just as amazing as it did the day it was installed.

They are Just as Beautiful as Wood

Speaking of looking amazing, a lot of people are concerned that composite decks won’t look as good as wood decks. on the contrary, Composite decks look just as good if not better than wood decks.

This is especially true as the decks get older. Wood decks have a tendency to crack, rot or mold, but composite decks never will. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself with this gallery from Trex.

Other Advantages Over Wood Decks

You’ll never get splinters from your beautiful, composite deck. And you’ll never have to worry about termites, either.

Better Performance Than Other Decking Materials

Wood isn’t the only decking material that composite boards have an advantage over. Composite boards are also better than PVC boards when it comes to performance.

Composite boards are less likely than PVC boards to expand and contract with temperature changes. PVC boards are also more easily stained by various substances. And PVC boards often require special cleaners and other maintenance that composite boards don’t.

Why Trex Composite Decking Boards Are Even Better

Aside from the above reasons why composite decking boards are better than wood, there are many things that make Trex the king of composite boards. See what makes Trex the best below.

A Good, Trusted Brand

Trex has been producing quality, high-end composite boards since 1996. That means they have been doing this since the very beginning of composite boards.

Being in the industry so long has given them a distinct advantage. They have already been testing and improving their product for up to decades longer than other, younger composite board companies.

For example, all Trex boards are enveloped by a unique, weather-resistant shell that protects against stains and fading. It’s one of the reasons why Trex boards require so much less maintenance than other boards.

And Trex boards look better than the competition. Some Trex boards are indistinguishable from wood to the naked eye. The rest look even better.

With Trex, you’ll find much higher quality, more types of products and a wider variety of colors and styles than you’ll find at other composite board companies. They will even give you a free sample if you ask.

Eco-Friendly Decking

Trex boards are always made of 95% recycled materials using environmentally friendly production methods. That’s something most companies in the world can’t say about their main product. It’s a lot more green than making your deck out of cut-down trees or virgin plastic PVC boards.

Trex Hideaway Fasteners

Trex composite decking boards can be installed using most standard installation methods. Or you can make it much easier on yourself using the provided Hideaway Fasteners by Trex.

The Hideaway Fasteners are little clips you install underneath the Trex boards on your deck. The grooved sides of the Trex boards are made to fit into the clips.

Simply install the clips, slide the board in place and repeat until your deck is done. When finished, all boards are securely in place and there are no exposed screws to worry about.

Here’s a video of Hideaway Fastener installation so you can see how it works.

25 Year Warranty

All Trex composite boards come with a 25-year warranty. All you need to do is follow the simple care instructions to enjoy your gorgeous deck worry free for 25 years.

Trex Composite Decking Boards: The Right Choice

No other boards will perform as well in all types of weather. No other boards will require so little maintenance and have so long a warranty. No other boards are as environmentally friendly.

And no other company will have the exact, high-quality decking boards you are looking for like Trex. The choice is obvious! Trex composite decking boards are the best possible choice for your decking needs.

For more ways to awesomize your deck with the help of Carefree Decks and Patio Covers, check out 5 Awesome Ideas for Your Deck and How to Fight Mosquitos and Enjoy Your Deck. Or take advantage of our quality, professional help! Contact us today for your free quote.